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One Good Oats and Cashew Mylk (Goodmylk)

Rs. 140.00

1 review

Confused about all the plant-based options out there? Having a hard time deciding which nut or grain milk works for you? Mylk is exactly what you’re looking for!

We\'ve experimented with a lot of different ingredients before arriving at this mylk that\'s just right! This blend of cashew and oat is perfectly balanced to give you the ideal replacement for all your dairy needs.

Use it just like you\'d use dairy to make your morning coffee or tea. It boils, it froths, it blends, and it even makes breakfast for you! Well, not literally, but you get the idea.

100% vegan | Lactose-free | Preservative Free

Ingredients: Cashew-oat mylk (filtered water, cashews, oats), Sugar. Contains 2% or less of Sunflower oil, Sodium bicarbonate, Guar gum

Nutrition Information per 100 ml (Approximate Values)

Energy – 44 KCal
Total Fat – 4 g
Saturated Fat – 0.6 g
Trans Fat – 0 g
Cholesterol – 0 g
Total Carbohydrate – 1.3 g
Sugar – 1 g
Dietary Fiber – 0.2 g
Protein – 0.8 g

Shelf life: Six months from date of manufacture.

Storage: The product can be stored at room temperature. After opening, refrigerate and consume within 3 days. Freezing the product is not recommended.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Sherin A
Delicious vegan Mylk at Greend

Vegan Milk that does not split on heating, does not taste weird and makes the tastiest dishes!