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Bleü Vegan 3-in-1 Condoms (Pack of 8)

Rs. 200.00

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Bleu is one of most popular condom brands that offers luxury condoms in India. They are the pioneer of one of the best and safest condoms for women’s health. Bleu’s Male latex condoms come with several USPs that make it unique & one-of-its kind premium condoms.

Being natural condoms with hypoallergenic properties, it is unlikely for one’s partner to have a nasty experience like irritation, itching or burning sensation as a side effect post lovemaking. Bleu natural rubber condoms come pre- lubricated with a non-chemical based natural gel sans any toxic agents like paraben or glycerine in it. To buy chemical-free condoms for your partner’s intimate health, you can choose from their dotted condoms, 3-in-1 condoms or Bleu’s most preferred ultra-thin condoms.

Mutual Pleasure for Her and Him

Bleü Triple featured condom combines the best of all their premium features in a single product that would appeal to connoisseurs of lovemaking.

Bleü’s anatomically designed, shaped-to-fit, natural rubber condoms are suspicious chemical free, and come integrated with ribbed and dotted features to give you long-lasting pleasure!

With a contoured head and reservoir end, Bleü’s triple featured condoms are a perfect amalgamation of safety, pleasure & aesthetics and we assert to be one of the most sensual & luxurious condoms made from natural rubber latex with non-toxic ingredients like Glycerin, Paraben and Benzocaine.

  • Lowest Possibility of Rashes, Irritation and Itching.

  • Made with Natural Rubber Latex free from any detected carcinogenic (cancer)agents.

  • Each Condom is 100% electronically tested for safety.