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Bleü Vegan Dotted Condoms (Pack of 8)

Rs. 200.00

Bleu Dotted Condom is uniquely designed to give your passionate sessions extra stimulation through innovative high raised dots. Our dotted condom has been specially designed with a unique pattern of raised dots on the outside to increase excitement and sensation exactly at the places where you want it. Bleu dotted condom creates extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for the women, evoking a deeper sexual response from both the partners involved.

Made using state-of-the-art technology, our condom brand is one of the most natural dotted feel-inducing condoms ever made.

Like other Bleu safe sex products our dotted condom also go through a series of tests and stringent product checker before it can be packed as a Bleu Best condoms in India. Our new condom is coated with lubricating oil which is free from toxin chemicals making it friendly to your vagina’s health. All our buy condoms online are made free from Parabens, Glycerin, Benzocaine, and other harsh chemicals.

India’s 1st Vegan Condom brand Bleu Best condoms in India have been made with health benefits of real Safe Sex as well as pleasure in mind. So enjoy the door of healthier living and opt for your Bleu new condom.

Bleu’s buy condoms online come with several USPs that make it unique & a one-of-its-kind premium dotted condoms price.

One of the condom brands rated by women for its skin-friendly properties.

  • Lowest Possibility of Rashes, Irritation, and Itching.

  • Made with Natural Rubber Latex-free from any detected carcinogenic (cancer)agents.

  • Each Condom piece is 100% electronically tested for safety.