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Bleü Vegan Ultra Thin Condom (Pack of 8)

Rs. 200.00

We have run out of stock for this item.

Bleü’s Ultra-thin Vegan condoms are made with our toxin-free lube meaning, exclusively designed to give you the best of both worlds- The feeling of luxury coupled with the absolute uniqueness of naturally lubricated condoms! The super ultra-thin condoms are made with our invisible double-dipping technology creating unique thinness for our patrons to enjoy. Because nothing should come between you and your partner to enjoy the moments of the best sex.

After meticulous research and consideration, we had it exclusively fashioned out of fragrance from the thin condoms, eliminating the intrusive latex odor and taste common with conventional condom brands in India. Our niche product lube meaning happens to be the most skin kinder lubricated condoms available in the market today.

Bleu ultra-thin condoms are free from chemicals like Paraben, Glycerin, benzocaine, etc are made for performance and comfort that feels natural and silky to both partners. Each of the thin condoms pieces is tested electronically for safety, holes, and other defects. Our condoms for men need to pass through our stringent triple test policy before they can be packed into boxes.

As a cleaner condom brand in India, we make sure to have our sustainable efforts in our policies: from sourcing raw materials till our goods are packed in boxes. Hence we procure our latex from forests that follow sustainable practices whereas our boxes are free from single-use plastics.

  • Vegan Condoms

  • Lowest Possibility of Rashes, Irritation, and Itching.

  • Each condom for men is 100% electronically tested for safety