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BlueTribe Plant-based Chicken Keema

Rs. 325.00

100% vegetarian Plant-based Chicken Keema that tastes exactly like Chicken! This Plant-based Chicken Keema is made with the goodness of soy extracts. It has 0 cholesterol, is high on protein, low on sodium, has no GMO, no antibiotics and tastes just as yum as chicken. And here is the best part, it's cruelty free and planet friendly.

Indian, Chindian, Italian, whatever it is, this Keema can give any recipe a face-lift. Just look at that texture, notice that rich mince mouthfeel, tastes like the real thing, doesn’t it? Mothers will approve, grandmothers will approve, as will Mama Earth.

Order now and get your first taste of the plant-based revolution!

Cooks exactly like Chicken Keema - Simply remove it from the packaging & cook as you please. There's so many cuisines you can make with this Keema.

Cities available in:

Delhi NCR