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Chetrans Herbal Tofu

Rs. 55.00

Description 👩🏻‍💻

Herbal tofu is one of the fastest moving items at Greend - and why wouldn't it be?

With the goodness of soy protein, mixed with the delicious 🤤 herbs, it makes for a perfect bite.

Whether it is used by itself, in a salad or sauted - you'll be satisfied.

Best of all - how cost effective it is!

Ingredients ☘️

Nutritional Information 💪

Per 100 g (Approximate Values)

Shelf Life 🧊

12 days from date of manufacture

Delivery Available 🚚
  • Thane
  • Mumbai

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mohit S
The Protein Blockbuster

Honest to Goodness
The best tasting: Consistency, Taste & Mouthfeel all combined, bang for buck block of protein richness that’s available
Blends effortlessly with all traditional Indian and Continental Cuisine
On lean days I have consumed it raw without any side effects

Special thanks to Mr.Pal whose direct no is stamped on each pack in case you’ve any questions or concerns with quality of the product

And to the wonderful team at Greend for seamless flawless and punctual deliveries

Benefits of Tofu with great texture and good taste.

I have Chetran's Herbal Tofu almost each day of the week. The basic reason why I do so is because, well, it's a Tofu. Tofus are one of the rare class of veg items (in this case vegan) that offer such a ratio between proteins to calories, where you can get a significant amount of protein in a single meal without having to pay a significant 'cost' in terms of calories. It almost competes with some meats in that regard.

The reason why I prefer Chetran's Herbal Tofu is because of its texture. It's neither rubbery nor watery. It can be consumed with most veggies for a complete meal and even with other items. Also, I like the taste. It's not bland and you don't need to add salt or any sauce on top (unless you can't help).

I am consuming their Tofu since 2020. I even got the product tested to be sure of the nutritional profile as claimed and I wasn't disappointed.

The best in terms of taste and cost

Chetran’s Herbal Tofu offers a great balance of taste, texture and the overall protein content. The herbal touch makes it fragrant and flavourful unlike some of the other variants of tofu that tend to be noticeably sour. Greend is the only vegan store I have found that regularly updates its inventory with Chetran’s tofu products, thus making them a lot more accessible as they are fairly hard to find in Mumbai.