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Bollywood Superstars who are Vegan (Or at least have CLAIMED to be)

Bollywood celebrities are often known for creating trends with their clothes, physique as well as life choices. It is important that they maintain a healthy and fit public image as well. They are the most influential when it comes to health and fitness as they are in great shape and often flaunt their body. Although exercising is important, having a healthy diet is of utmost importance too. Though many diets stress on the need for meat, there are many celebrities who have given meat up and are still in great shape.

  • Sonam Kapoor Ahuja
  • She is known to be an animal lover and activist, urging people to adopt strays and treat them with kindness. A few years ago Sonam Kapoor gave up eating meat but she recently became vegan. The actress, who loved seafood and curd, gave up meat and dairy products to improve her health. She switched to a vegan diet after learning that she was intolerant to meat and many dairy products.

  • Shraddha Kapoor
  • Shraddha Kapoor spoke about turning vegan during an interview with an entertainment portal. She swapped dairy milk for almond milk in chai and desserts. She loves the taste of almond milk kheer and it is one of her favorite desserts. Shraddha is quite the healthy eater and seems to love the vegan lifestyle so far

  • Kiran Rao
  • Producer, director and writer of B-town, Kiran Rao is also a vegan. She gave up meat and dairy products to improve her health and for the greater good of the planet. Rao decided to move to veganism to respect the lives of animals, reduce her carbon footprint and choose the environment. She also encouraged her husband, Amir Khan to turn vegan.

  • Jacqueline Fernandes
  • Jacqueline has been on a meat-free and dairy-free diet for several years now. She firmly believes in a clean and wholesome diet and loves organic food. She is an animal lover and it is because of this reason that she is a vegan now. The Sri Lankan beauty has also encouraged her family, friends and fans to eat vegan food. 

  • Sonakshi Sinha
  • The Dabangg actress turned vegan because of her love for animals. She confessed to having shed a lot of weight after adopting the new food style and said that a vegan diet helped her boost her metabolism. Since then she hasn’t turned backing to meat and has contributed to the environment.

  • Neha Dhupia
  • Although she wasn’t raised as a vegetarian, Neha Dhupia was never drawn to meat and always wanted to ditch it. This Bollywood beauty furthers her cause for animal protection by following a vegan lifestyle. She also assisted PETA introducing their V-card, India’s first-ever vegan discount savings card.

  • Akshay Kumar
  • The Bollywood actor, producer and martial artist Akshay Kumar has taken to a vegan diet. It’s no surprise as he is known for his passion in fitness and health. He believes in staying fit and is also in great shape-365 days a year-even when he is holidaying. His diet comprises meals like avocado on toast, chia pudding with berries, plant-based milk and fruit smoothies along with lentils and leafy vegetables.

    Disclaimer: these celebrities were vegan at the time this article was researched. As people are constantly changing their diet, it is possible that any of these celebrities are no longer following the vegan lifestyle. 

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