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A Vegan's Guide To Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium plays a crucial role in our body. It is well known for its ability to build and maintain your bones! Being a vegan doesn't mean you should sacrifice on your essential minerals and vitamins.

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Healthy, Easy Smoothie Bowls with Indian Ingredients

Breakfast Bowls are easy to make and are super healthy. They are quite filling for the first meal of the day. The best part? These bowls are ready within a few minutes.

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Vegan Hollywood Celebrities

Over the past decade, veganism has grown in popularity, especially among Hollywood celebrities. Many A-list stars have embraced a vegan lifestyle, not only for health reasons but also for ethical and environmental concerns. Let's take a look at some of the most prominent vegan celebrities in Hollywood.

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Vegan Desserts!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a simple and delicious vegan dessert recipe! Indulge in one of these all-time favourite tasty treats because a great dessert can be the perfect ending to a perfect meal!
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